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«Alliance Greenwood Hall» is the light and spacious restaurant for 200 ppl. It captivates its guests with a special atmosphere, rich interior in pearl-white colored walls and elegant soft furnishings in gentle lavender color. In the evenings, the dim light in the restaurant creates a special romantic atmosphere.

European, traditional Russian and author’s cuisine pleases every traveller in our restaurant. Every foodie will like a great choice of cold and hot refreshments, meat and fish dishes, main courses, fruits, fresh baking and deserts which we offer.

Every morning the “buffet" breakfast is served in the restaurant. We invite our guests and citizens for business lunches which we regularly renew and of course we have some special seasonal offers from our Chief.

You can sit nicely on the terrace, next to the restaurant and have a cocktail or a cup of coffee with delicious desserts made by pastry chef, also its a great place for special occasions!

Spacious, bright and comfortable - these are the words that characterize the restaurant "Alliance Greenwood Hall." Meeting in a pleasant atmosphere - yes! Dinner with friends, family or a romantic date  - no doubt. The celebration of the special event, wedding, anniversaries and other events - definitely. "Alliance Greenwood Hall" is the best choice!

And the most important - its amazingly delicious!